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Oftentimes, our customers have the personnel available to perform grouting work, but the individuals lack training or experience in the use of polyurethanes. Our fully trained, insured technicians will train your grouting team on your job-site, ensuring a completed successful project and a trained crew.

When owners or engineering resources lack specific knowledge relating to ground or water control issues, an expert opinion is generally welcomed. We have the knowledge, experience and qualifications to allow us to quantify both the extent of the problem and the necessary remedial actions needed to apply to a solution. We have advised on projects worldwide, providing well reasoned, articulate observations and concluding courses of action that are based on "real world" experiences that allow customers to proceed with confidence.

Our high-definition, close focus, 1" diameter Borescope service will supply clear, color images of borend conditions - including void, bed separation, fracturing and crystalline structure - all digitally recorded and time stamped. This service is an essential tool for accurate prediction of rock conditions; and a primary indicator, overtime of progressive deterioration toward the failure of a roof/rib condition in mining and civil groundwork.

Whether a borehole, or a blind void (in or out of water), this system provides real time monitoring and/or digitally recorded views to inaccessible areas, before or during operations. This system is invaluable in providing clear, concise views - 150 feet in full color and 500 feet in black & white. The unit will access 3" diameter holes and above.

We have all the necessary equipment for man retrieval and atmospheric monitoring required by law. In addition, all of our technicians are certified to OSHA "standard for confined space entry". This certification includes the use of supplied air systems for hazardous entries.

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