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Our standard formulations are generally suitable for the majority of projects, however there are circumstances which require specific properties. We are able, whenever necessary, to custom formulate with such variances as additional flame retardant or increased reactivity, which may be a prerequisite for certain site specific performance characteristics.

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Dual component, high density, highly reactive, early strength, water control grout.

Single component, low density, flexible, hydrophobic, water control grout.

Dual component, high density, highly reactive, early strength, ground control grout.


Our standard packer for injection at pressures up to 5,000 P.S.I., is manufactured to precise standards and incorporates built-in static mixing for a thorough blend. Setting is accomplished mechanically by a secure split shell anchor and sealed by an expansive high durometer rubber bladder. The system incorporates extension rods allowing the packer to be set at any depth required. Available in 1 3/8" & 2" O.D. sizes.

We also carry chemically inflated packers for 3" core holes.


Electric pumps can deliver approximately 3000 psi of pressure and can be used to pump single component materials like HyperFlex.
Air powered & hydraulic pumps can generate up to 10000 psi and can be used to pump any type of grouting material, both single component HyperFlex and dual component SealGuard II & PuRock 70.

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