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Underground Water Control

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Underground Water Control

Artesian Water Sealing

When Artesian flows are a problem, Sub-Technical has perfected methodologies and custom designed grout formulations to close down flows quickly, safely and most effectively.

Bulkhead Water Sealing

Whether existing structures which are leaking, or fresh entries which require sealing, Sub-Technical has the permanent water control solution with polyurethane grout.

Karstic Terrain

With over a decade of direct experience with this geologic feature we have the ability to secure the conditions from leaking and eliminating the possibility of "blow out" from extruding clays. Pits and quarries can suffer huge pumping costs as a result of not addressing these problems.

The extent of the effects of "Karst" are truly global; and the issues pertinent to it are numerous, including subsidence, sink holes, damage to utilities, property and general infrastructure. It effects many aspects of ground, hydrology and can be extremely destructive.

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Remote Entry

This is a combination process where the placement of fill material (usually limestone gravel) is done by pneumatic stowing followed by injection of the stowed material with polyurethane grouting tight permanent seals.


Where concrete liners deteriorated through ground pressures or water intrusion and freeze thaw cycle. Polyurethane injection can control water and consolidate poor ground conditions providing effective long term relief.

Additionally, prior to sinking, when shafts are projected to pass through water laden strata they can be "pre-grouted" to stop the water BEFORE it becomes a problem.

Ventilation Seal Repair

A very "hot" topic in recent times. Leaking ventilation seals, whether gasses or water is the problem, is a hazard that no responsible operator should ignore. Sub-Technical is certainly capable of performing this work at a consummate expense. However, there is in existence a product manufactured by another of our companies, SealGuard II. This is a self applied kit containing all required items to safely and permanently "DEEP INJECT" either the body of the seal or ribs, roof or floor.

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Void Filling

Void Filling is performed for a variety of reasons - sometimes structural and often also related to water control and even ventilation. Sub-Technical has developed techniques and materials that directly address these issues. Polyurethane grouts with reaction times in seconds allow extremely rapid deployment. Due to their speed of set-up they can eliminate, or greatly reduce the need for formwork. Consequently, these systems compete with other conventional cementitous systems very favorably.

Remote Surface Sealing
Sealing of Abandoned Mine Entries
Artesian Sealing
Bulkhead Sealing
Karstic Terrain Before
Karstic Terrain After
Remote Entry
Ventilation Seal Repair
Void Filling