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Surface Water Control and Water Sealing

Acid Mine Drainage (A.M.D.)

Sub-Technical has been involved with various agencies to mitigate a wide variety of discharge sources. Some involving passive treatment areas for known outputs, some occurring through channels in hydrology; and others occurring as a result of earthworks, [surface or sub-grade]. Regardless, our choice of grout sealant (which are unaffected by Ph levels) and our experience in all of the above situations make us a clear choice to resolve these problems.

Concrete Crack Injection

Concrete structures deteriorate for many reasons, such as load changes overstressing, freeze/thaw and age. Containment structures leaking can be sealed. Support structures can be rehabilitated.

Our large variety of materials and proprietary techniques can save time and money with in-situ repair by specialists who understand the critical issues involved.

Karstic Terrain

With over a decade of direct experience with this geologic feature we have the ability to secure the conditions from leaking and eliminating the possibility of "blow out" from extruding clays. Pits and quarries can suffer huge pumping costs as a result of not addressing these problems.

The extent of the effects of "Karst" are truly global; and the issues pertinent to it are numerous, including subsidence, sink holes, damage to utilities, property and general infrastructure. It effects many aspects of ground, hydrology and can be extremely destructive.

News Article: Ticlon Report

Mine Entry Bulkhead Sealing

Sub-Technical is extremely familiar with the installation of, and repair of, bulkhead seals thereby ensuring that new installations are water-tight and that repairs are competent and secure. We have pioneered many engineered modifications which increase effectiveness and longevity.

Pond Grouting

A variety of problems can occur with ponds: failed liners, ground movement, failed decant pipes, rodent excavation, etc. All of the above can be remediated with expansive polyurethane grouts, (NSF approved for use in drinking water applications) generally the likely repair scenario can be defined with a phone call to our office.

Stream Grouting

Often there are streams in areas where undermining has caused fracturing to the surface and subsequent loss of flow to those fractures. Polyurethane grout is injected in the area below the stream bed to create an impervious flexible membrane, sealing the flow paths through the fractures and permanently restoring stream flow.

Well Water Sealing

Many situations can be present when dealing with well closure - Artesian output, A.M.D., improperly performed cement / bentonite grouting, damaged casing, and crossflow. All of these anomalies can be cured using expansive grouts, with environmental approvals (NSF approved for use in drinking water applications) and the accumulated knowledge and applications experience that comes with dealing with Sub-Technical.

Outcrop Drainage Sealing
Stream Bed Injection
Acid Mine Drainage
Concrete Crack Injection
Karstic Terrain Before
Karstic Terrain After
Pond Grouting
Stream Grouting
Well Sealing