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Water Control Blog

Ground Monitoring Equipment Placement & Installation

By Chris on 05-04-2018

Ground movement monitors and how they are placed varies greatly.  Factors such as its intended purpose, location, manufacturer specifications, and regulations all play key roles.  Grouting contractor Sub-Technical, Inc. was recently approached to install specific ground movement sensors into an underground mine.  This device presented its own unique challenges being 16 feet in length and needing to be completely encased in grout while in the strata.   Utilizing injection pumps, an exclusive blend of grout, and a little ingenuity, the project was successfully completed.



Tunneling with Help from Above

By Chris on 07-03-2018

Sub-Technical, Inc. recently went “Above-Technical” for a week-long project. Seventy feet below the surface,... Read More

Manhole Inundated by River Infiltration

By Eric on 27-02-2018

Background:   On an early spring day after a particularly cold Pittsburgh winter, Seal Guard Inc. was called ... Read More

Water, Ground, and Gas Control Challenges in Mining

By Chris on 29-01-2018

Mining encompasses many challenges for ground, water, and gas control. However, injection of polyurethane grout can prov... Read More

Sub-Technical, Inc. & DESOI will be at World of Concrete

By Chris on 30-11-2017

Representatives from both Sub-Technical, Inc. and DESOI will be at the World of Concrete this year.  The event will... Read More