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Water Control Blog

Retaining Pond Standpipe

By Chris on 11-10-2018

Mine discharge was infiltrating an overflow flow pipe located in a retention pond.  The continuous flow of the contaminated water was causing environmental concerns at the exit location.  Using the polyurethane grout Hyperflex, grouting contractor Sub-Technical was able to stop the flow of the polluted orange water.  The application process was relatively simple.  A single hole was drilled, a packer inserted, then Hyperflex injected using a grouting pump.  The Hyperflex reacted with the water, expanded, and sealed off the infiltration.   

Limestone Pit Water Control

By Chris on 21-06-2018

Sub-Technical, Inc. shows the ability of SealGuard II (H2O Stop) to stop large inflows of water.  This particular l... Read More

Ground Monitoring Equipment Placement & Installation

By Chris on 05-04-2018

Ground movement monitors and how they are placed varies greatly.  Factors such as its intended purpose, location, m... Read More

Tunneling with Help from Above

By Chris on 07-03-2018

Sub-Technical, Inc. recently went “Above-Technical” for a week-long project. Seventy feet below the surface,... Read More

Manhole Inundated by River Infiltration

By Eric on 27-02-2018

Background:   On an early spring day after a particularly cold Pittsburgh winter, Seal Guard Inc. was called ... Read More